Today we will be talking about women empowerment through the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI). Starting with a brief description about this intelligent country. Located in south Asia, currently India has 1,32 billion habitants, and is classified as the second most populated country in the world (right behind China), concentrating approximately 18% of the global population (the most populated being the USA, the EU and Japan together).  

India is a country in development with a great rural population (over 60%) and since the reforms in 1990, has been living through a fast-social economic growth, a factor which impulse the growth of the urban population due to younger generations leaving the country and moving to the cities in search for opportunities and better living conditions. The country still is the biggest democratic nation in the world with more than 600 million electors according to the law, allowed to vote in the country. It is also the second country in the world with the biggest number of workers on the planet, around 800 million, once again, coming right behind China, India is also the second biggest geographic entity with the most cultural, linguistic, genetic diversity after Africa.

The situation for women in India is complicated. “There are two India’s: one where we can see more equality and prosperity for women, and another where the majority of women are living with no choices, with no voice or rights.” Says Sushma Kapoor, vice-director of South Asia for UN Women. The problems related to women are many: domestic violence, trafficking and sexual exploration, high index of femicide and school abandonment. In India, brides culturally have to pay for the wedding for the husband’s family, causing an immense quantity of other problems like the amount of abortions and homicides. There is also a cultural issue regarding menstrual periods, which is related to the presence of girls in schools and in the working environment.

However, there is hope, more than two decades of economic liberation also helped qualify women, since India opened to the public with economic western ideas prizing cities.

The main political roles already have been occupied by women, including names like Indira Ghandi (ex-prime minister) and Pratibha Patil (ex-president).  

In this context of India in the XX century, the council WICCI becomes of fundamental importance. The council is made of international women made by women, where entrepreneurs can benefit with networking, exchange programs, and female collaborations. Like a national chamber of business for women, WICCI strengthens even more the female entrepreneurs and impulses businesses through a bigger involvement with governments, institutions, and global commerce’s, allowing fundamental changes in politics, laws and government incentives with the objective of encouraging and empowering women in businesses, industries and commerce in all sectors. As a nation, India must predict an economy of 5 trillion US dollars. This can easily be reached and overcome with the active inclusion of business women, companies and professionals in all spheres of life.

WICCI counts currently with 140 sectors of acting in a network with 20.000 women around the world and is active in activities of capacitating women entrepreneurs and leaders in all the spheres of the life through advocating, representing pro actives to the government, implementing projects for women though funds allocated by many agencies and corporations, and also bringing awareness to all the issues that worry women in their work environments.

Our founder, Francesca Giobbi, is a member of this council. Combating social inequality, sexual exploration, human trafficking and child trafficking and in the fight for a just society has been some more cause that she has been working closely with. As well as creating a human 2 human economy, where all result and are valued the same way.

For more information or in case you want to be an activist for this cause, access:


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