The latest report from Oxfam, “Time to Care” takes an in-depth look at the issue of poverty and inequality throughout the world. The document is, in itself, an urgent call to action and proof that our social and economic systems have failed. 
The current ecosystem perpetuates and further increases the gap between the rich elite and billionaires, and the underpaid workers who keep contributing to their wealth.

Furthermore, it addresses the role women play in the industry, as a major part of the labour workforce which is extremely affected by inequality. Women in their peak reproductive ages are paid much less and work more hours than men, further increasing the gender poverty gap. 

“Women and girls put in 12.5 billion hours of unpaid work every day”.

We cannot comply with this reality any longer. The time to act is now! Through our choices as responsible producers and consumers, we have the power to change the current paradigm, by supporting companies and brands that are committed to women empowerment as well as giving back to their communities and their employees, ensuring they have fair wages, good working conditions and access to health and education. 

This is a prime concern for FreedomeE and one of the fundamental causes of its social pillar, one that most of our partners support and are actively committed to. FreedomeE believes in micro-entrepreneurship as a means of change and empowering these women to become masters of their lives, by providing them with financial freedom and the prospect of a brighter future. If you are still on the verge in becoming part of the change, below are a few more numbers from Oxfam’s report and you can find the full report here.

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