Become a Conscious Consumer

As a consumer, you are a fundamental pillar of a better, fairer future. Through your decisions, you have the power to change the economic ecosystem, by demanding brands to be transparent about their values, origin and production processes used in making their products. This is a complete disruption of the current ecosystem, where luxury brands hide behind a logo that seems to grant them the power to explore workers in third-world countries, and consumers in developed ones.

As consumers, we need to stop investing time and money in brands whose sole purpose is to make a profit, at the cost of human rights and the planet. We need to value and support transparent brands, whose products and services are fairly priced, have a meaning, respect both the human being and the environment, and create better opportunities for all involved . While you read this, future jobs are disappearing and it’s up to us to create micro-entrepreneurship opportunities in sales, marketing, logistics and production.

Take a moment to reflect and become a conscious consumer! There is no planet B!

All of the brands on our marketplace have been carefully selected and must answer a detailed questionnaire on their sustainable practices, in accordance with our 5 Pillars of Positive Impact. All of them support at least one of these pillars and embrace the same mindset of all at FreedomeE. We launched the marketplace in November 2019, with small fashion brands from across the globe, all of which focused on responsible production, conscious consumption, and transparent communication. This year, we are launching beauty and everyday essentials brands to further expand our offerings.

We have a long way to go to change the global mindset of irresponsible production , promotion and consumption and create a Human 2 Human Economy. We need your help to do it. Support FreedomeE and become part of this change for better!

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