Our Mission

FreedomeE’s purpose is to make things better! To create a greener planet through a fair ecosystem driven by responsible production, transparent communication, authentic promotion and conscious consumption, based on micro-entrepreneurship. Our planet suffers the consequences of our consumption. As such, the choices we make when purchasing goods or services are extremely important for the future of the planet and mankind as well. FreedomeE aims to provide society with guidance, on how to make better, more positive choices for all involved!

Our Vision

We wish to disrupt the current irresponsible modus operandi of how we produce, promote and consume goods and services. We want to create a global network and community of responsible producers, brands, suppliers, opinion makers, professionals and consumers, that are united through their will to make things better (#made4better).

A community of absolute transparency, where conscious brands and consumers connect directly, investors and sponsors support ethical companies and responsible opinion makers share and educate their followers on how to choose ethical products and services.

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