• Portugal is the latest European member to join the Plastic Pact Network through the official launch of the “Pacto Português para os Plásticos”. Currently led by Smart Waste Portugal, the Portuguese Plastics P […]

  • “Sustainability” has become the go-to subject for marketeers aiming to make brands likeable and in sync with conscious consumers. However, it is also a fertile ground for many brands, namely in the fast fashion […]

  • An excerpt from Deloitte 2020 Readiness Report, which accessed over 2000 C-Suite Executives, showcased how more and more businesses are trying to balance profit and purpose, due to the increasing demands f […]

  • An outstanding project with over 100 artists, spreading a message of love for each other and the planet, while also raising awareness to the need to take individual responsibility. We can still save our planet if […]

  •  “Fashion is a consumer-facing industry, and in this, consumers have real power—power to be vocal about their expectations, by demanding that brands align their environmental goals with science and data and be […]

  • Born in Venezuela and based in El Salvador, Maria Teresa Valderrama creates exquisite jewellery designs that compliment and empower every woman who wears them. Made by women for women, each piece materializes the […]

  • The latest report from Oxfam, “Time to Care” takes an in-depth look at the issue of poverty and inequality throughout the world. The document is, in itself, an urgent call to action and proof that our social and […]

  • Our founder Francesca Giobbi was recently interviewed by Fibre2Fashion, one of the leading B2B websites in the textile and fashion industry. In it, Francesca shares her personal and professional experiences […]

  • Fast fashion has been rightfully identified as one of the main contributors to the current state of the fashion industry, namely in what regards its massive impact on societies and the environment. The […]

  • Descending from a long line of artisans, Mulieri aims to perpetuate the unique art of leather craftsmanship. Based in El Salvador, the brand goes back to its roots to set the foundation for a brighter future f […]

  • Today we bring you a different approach to the highly mediatized issue of Fast Fashion, one of the current major epidemics of the Fashion Industry and one of the main contributors to its silver medal award on the […]

  • An unmistakable presence of Portuguese Fashion Weeks for over 20 years now, Katty Xiomara is one of the most renowned and established Portuguese designers of recent years. Her unique vision and perception of […]

  • Every year the retail industry creates more and more “special dates” to promote mass consumption. Announcing unbeatable discounts and unique deals for limited periods of time, forces a feeling of urgency […]

  • November 7th marked the official launch of FreedomeE, at London’s House of Lords, a unique venue in the Palace of Westminster intrinsically linked to English history for more than 1000 years. Surrounded by […]

  • This week we celebrated yet another outstanding milestone in our journey to raise awareness and change production and consumption within the current business model of the Fashion Industry. In an unprecedented […]

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