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Aiming to promote responsible production, promotion and consumption, FreedomeE is continuously looking for brands, manufacturers, suppliers and influencers that are committed to its 5 Pillars of Positive Impact. We believe you are the driving force behind the much-needed change in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry:

– By choosing more eco-friendly and sustainable materials;
– By optimizing and innovating production processes that lead to less waste;
– By working closely with designers to produce adequate quantities;
– By providing fair working conditions and equal opportunities to your employees.
– By creating partnership opportunities with micro-entrepreneurs
– By creating timeless, high-quality products that will have an increased lifespan and will not be discarded after a couple of months.
– By investing in more quality and less marketing.
– By promoting your services and goods with transparency and no manipulation.
– By giving back to socio-environmental projects

You have the power to help us create a Human 2 Human Economy, with more and fairer opportunities for all. An Economy based on transparency and human relations:

– As a Consumer, you have the power to decide whom to purchase from;
– As an Influencer, you use your social media channels to share your ideas and tastes;
– As a Supplier, you work and provide your services to society;
– As a Donor, you purchase from those who do good.

You are 4 in 1! Use that power to become an agent of change and join FreedomeE! We need to let consumers know about your ethical approach, values and the responsible products and services you offer, offering them a look into the true origin of their purchases.

Our marketing and sales solutions allow you to reach a global network of conscious consumers and responsible influencers, eager to make a difference and support companies whose principles they can relate to. To do so, we must communicate in a transparent and authentic way and this is why we created several tailored solutions for our partners, which you can find below.

Resilience Package


Innovation Package


Original Package


Purpose Package


Progress Package


Experience Package


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