Today we bring you a different approach to the highly mediatized issue of Fast Fashion, one of the current major epidemics of the Fashion Industry and one of the main contributors to its silver medal award on the “most polluting industries list”. The burgeoning need to sport the latest trend has generated a widespread mindset which advocates massive consumption of poorly-made garments, at irrealistic costs. Think about it: if YOU are not paying for it…someone else is.

If your jumper or sweater costs less than a latte, it’s probably time to start questioning how is this possible and who is really “paying” for this costs? With this being a topic that speaks to the heart of all of us at FreedomeE, we wanted to shed some light on it from a different perspective: that of Hasan Minhaj. Sometimes it’s easier to raise awareness to a serious issue by presenting it with a balanced dose of sophisticated humour, something Hasan excels at. 

We know time is a valuable asset these days, but we would like to invite you to take 20 minutes of your busy day to watch the video above. We hope that it will shed some light on the reality of fast fashion and how these corporate groups employ “green washing” techniques to appease consumers’ consciousness.

At FreedomeE, all of our partner brands go through an extensive and strict application process to ensure their culture, product and practices are in accordance to our 5 Pillars of Sustainability. Each of these brands actually contribute to one of more of these pillars with real, measurable actions and methodologies. Shop at FreedomeE and become a more responsible consumer!

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