Welcome to the FreedomeE Network

We believe in creating a New Economy with Human Relations at its core: more than business to consumer or business to business, we want to make it Human to Human! A new ecosystem where responsible micro-entrepreneurs offer their products and services to conscious brands, companies and consumers, with the utmost transparency and according to FreedomeE’s 5 Pillars of Positive Impact.

Based on this principle and taking into account the current unemployment crisis created by the Corona Virus, we are creating the FreedomeE Network: an exclusive global network of professionals from different industries, namely fashion, beauty, food, personal care and lifestyle. Through it, we will connect micro-entrepreneurs from around the world with those who are in need of their services.

For Consumers & Business Owners

Consumers and business owners will have access to a database of highly qualified professionals, which will allow them to choose the best solution based on their portfolio, area of expertise and location. We understand the importance of making the right choice, so we will provide detailed information on each of our partners as well as all the support you need to find the right match.

For Professionals & Micro-entrepreneurs

Professionals will be able to offer their services or products to a global audience of conscious consumers, allowing them to grow their business and reputation. All you have to do is work with on creating your most accurate bio, with small description of your offerings and link to portfolio, to help potential clients better understand your value.

How to Register

In response to the increasing unemployment rates of the Corona Virus Pandemic and the need for online work, registration is free at this time. We hope to help independent professionals find new business opportunities through the FreedomeE Network, aiming to continuously increase its reach.

We are currently developing the software and interface of the platform, which will soon be online. In the meantime, we are already accepting registrations and building our database so we have all the information needed at the time of launch.

To apply, all you have to do is fill-in the form below with your professional information so we can begin incorporating it onto the database. Once you apply we will get back to you to confirm your registration and request additional information to complete your profile. You will also receive a notification once the platform goes live.

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