FreedomeE Empowered by Hera

Although FreedomeE bases its approach on the 5 Pillars of Sustainability, there is one in particular we are extremely passionate about: the Social Pillar. After traveling the world for the last 5 years, Francesca Giobbi, our founder, experienced first hand how the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry has become a major contributor to the issues of social inequality and poverty.

As an independent, successful woman and mother of a young girl, Francesca has become an adamant defender of equal rights, resorting to micro-entrepreneurship to create opportunities for all. Many of FreedomeE’s partner brands were created by business women who wanted to support their local artisans and workers, by providing them with financial freedom and the ability to live a fulfilled life.

On our journey to provide better conditions for all across the globe, we are proud to announce our partnership with Hera.

About Hera

Founded by Marianela Mirpuri, a successful businesswoman involved in several large-scale projects with a sustainable approach, Hera is a NGO committed to gender-related issues and an unwavering certainty that all human beings are equally deserving of recognition and equal significance.

Besides supporting the creation and further development of the legal, political and conceptual bases for gender equality, HERA aims to create a better, more equitable, and a more inclusive world. HERA also works with carefully curated ambassadors worldwide, all of them with strong profiles and a message to be shared.

It aims to create a better, more equitable, and a more inclusive world  engaged in raising the voices of all victims of discrimination and shining their own bright lights, by means of social justice projects, networking, seminars, workshops, creative expression and commerce.

“Hera is the most formidable project of the 21st century and will be a cultural leap, born from love for Humanity, world peace and the dignification of women worldwide.

In a world where exclusion is generally practiced, Hera is a refreshing change to positivity and shows the way to inclusive endeavors and behaviors.” Marianela Mirpuri

From Humans to Humans

Through this partnership we will be able to reach more people in need worldwide, while creating new opportunities for them to become entrepreneurs in their own right, selling their responsible products through a marketplace based on conscious principles.

Besides FreedomeE’s partner brands, many of which have a strong connection and positive impact to the subject of equal rights and gender equality, our marketplace will also feature new brands and products empowered by Hera.

We believe this strategic partnership will allow us to educate consumers and take action to not only inspire, but actually empower discriminated individuals to change their lives.

Additionally, FreedomeE will grant a yearly membership to the Hera Association, to all partner brands that purchase one of its marketing packages. As a member of the Hera Association, you will have access to its global community, special discounts on exclusive seminars and events and access to Hera’s marketplace.

A Growing Network

Within FreedomeE’s digital marketplace, there will be a dedicated section for Hera’s products and for those created by entrepreneurs in their own communities. All of them will be clearly identified with Hera’s logo.

The first product to become available is Hera’s WISH Perfume, a biological fragrance that allows women to support other women and their families. Additionally, the perfume packaging is a seed box which will turn into a tree instead of waste.

WISH is the essence that links all women!

The Perfume is part of Hera’s WISH program, which is based on the principle of calling 200.000 women to help 100 women. The Calls are conducted worldwide to raise funds to help local communities: per instance, a Call for Columbia will unite 200.000 women all over the world to help 100 women in Columbia. By empowering these women, we are also empowering their families and contributing to a brighter future for their children.

The Wish program partners with Banks or Developers who wish to support this mission, by providing access to investment funds or housing for women in need. The first program was launched in Mumbai, as a pilot project for housing, where women would support other women to purchase their own home.

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