Make a Difference! Support Micro-Entrepreneurs Worldwide!

Corona Virus has shaken the set-in-stone pillars of traditional economy, opening the doors to a New Economy based on Human to Human Relations. As unemployment rates reach unprecedented levels, many small business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves struggling to get through this period, while many more are out of job and looking for new ways to relaunch their projects.

While some governments are creating relief funds, they won’t be enough to help everyone, especially smaller businesses. We need to help them survive and grow amidst the adversity. If you want to donate, join us and adopt a micro-entrepreneur!

Grow with us by supporting those who make a difference!

Say no to poverty, slave labour and human trafficking!

Different DONOR Plans to Choose From!

If you would like to make a difference in the lives of responsible micro-entrepreneurs, we have created 3 trimestral DONOR Plans to choose from.

When you invest in any of our Donor Plans, you will receive:

– 20% discount voucher for purchases at FreedomeE’s marketplace;
– Feature and Bio on our board of Donors;
– Social Media mentions and highlights on a network of responsible influencers and salespeople;
– Association with social and environmental causes, along with social responsibility;
– Access to a Global Network;
– Free access to membership;
– Free access to FreedomeE Courses membership.



How does it work?

If you want to support a Human 2 Human Economy through the FreedomeE Platform, please purchase the package of your choice and contact us by clicking the button below, and letting us know which industry you wish to support: Fashion, Beauty, Personal Care, Lifestyle, etc.

Please include your company information such as name, industry, country and tax identification number on the email. We will review your information and find the best match within our partner network.

Also, by supporting these entrepreneurs you are also becoming an advocate of the Human 2 Human Economy, so we would love to have you join our network of influencers and help spread the world! You can join by clicking the button below!

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