The true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still unknown to this day and will likely only manifest itself in the next 6 months to 2 years. Besides the drastic changes we are all experiencing already in our daily lives, many more will certainly follow in what regards social protocols and economic aftermaths. 

Experts are predicting this pandemic will result in the greatest global recession ever, with thousands of companies filing for bankruptcy and millions of people becoming unemployed. The virus also exposed several flaws in our current global system, further revealing the inequality and selfish approach from first world countries, exploitation of third world countries, uneven wealth distribution, but also making us rethink what is truly essential and how much we’ve supported irresponsible consumerism.

The current crisis will accelerate emerging trends across a number of industries, namely in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, where current models were already being questioned by experts and consumers alike. Demands for more sustainable and ethical brands will become louder than ever and brands that wish to survive will have to listen to consumers and a reshaping market. 

Supply and production chains will have to adapt, with employees working in shifts to comply with health requirements, which will undeniably result in less productivity. To compensate for this, companies are likely to invest in technology and automation, reducing dependency on the human workforce and ensuring continuity in the event of another outbreak. This, in turn, will make many jobs obsolete and result in a further increase in unemployment rates. 

These are two of the main purposes of FreedomeE, when creating a Human 2 Human economy, based on human relations and promoting a new ethical and responsible ecosystem. All of our partner brands have committed to our 5 Pillars of Sustainability, supporting one or more in the following areas: Social, Economy, Technology, Environment, and Quality/Certificates. This new ecosystem will connect micro-entrepreneurs with conscious brands, companies, and consumers, promoting the utmost transparency and providing an in-depth look into the origins of what we purchase. 

One the one hand, we are creating more job opportunities, through a global network where independent professionals and micro-entrepreneurs can sell their products and services; on the other, we continue to advocate for responsible brands, brands with a purpose and a positive impact on the planet, its people and society at large.

This is a time for a change, this is time to rethink our economy and create a fairer, more inclusive economy for all. Join us!

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