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Our objective is to create business between individuals that share a mission of bringing justice, good opportunities, and quality to the global economy, leaning towards production, promotion, sales, consumption and smart education.

We bring a reflection from our founder about issues that should move us to find solutions that positively impact the world.

“Did you ever think about the real reason for problems like modern slavery, forced labor, and strongly negative impacts on the environment?”

1. The biggest cancer of planet earth is the destruction in the industry, marketing, sales, and in any sector. Most importantly than asking who makes my clothes is to ask who are these predator investors who want to make money only for themselves, investing in the industry or commerce selfishly? If global investors invested only in one part of the chain, thinking only of their lucrative benefits; all of us will lose
  1. ”The consumer losses when paying for the losses of the businesses, they consume products of low quality, little exclusivity, little ethic, and a lot of production, a lot of waste, to pay for the price of distribution, marketing, and financial flux until the product arrives at him.”

FreedomeE helps human beings develop good business by creating an economy that values ​​quality work. #humantohumaneconomy:

We connect consumers, professionals, salespeople, brands, investors, opinion makers, influencers, and philanthropists from around the world; who wish to do business with positive socio-economic impact in the areas: productivity, promotional, educational, commercial, and investment.

We believe in the transparent union of B2B2C2P (business to business to consumer for philanthropy) where everyone wins in each negotiation.

To meet the needs of consumers and entrepreneurs from different areas, sizes, and nationalities, FreedomeE has created two commercial and marketing methodologies to promote the economic and social growth of our users through the 5 Pillars of Positive Impact FreedomeE.

1. Freedomee Essential

If you already have a direct selling model that is capable of generating your own sales, it is sufficient to use the basic resources of the platform to guarantee your participation in this new economy, generating new businesses, and highlight your differentials and reach your consumers by identifying your customer’s values.

80% Product & Service Suppliers
15% FreedomeE TEC, Management and Social-economic Network
5% Digital Marketing + Philanthropy + Crowdfunding (B2B2C2P) @Mentions and Reviews
3% Commercial MKT (1% Digital MKTG / 1% Influencers Sellers B2B / 1% Product and Services Brands Ambassadors B2B)
1% Philanthropy
1% Crowdfunding

2. Freedomee Power

As a supplier of products or services, you can use the administrative, technological, commercial (salespeople and indicators), promotional (digital marketing and events) solutions provided by FreedomeE. And buy extra digital marketing and promotional packages. Building your online ethical image, with smart and profitable results for everyone involved.

72% Product & Service Suppliers
15% FreedomeE TEC, Management and Social-economic Network
13% Digital Marketing + Philanthropy + Crowdfunding (B2B2C2P) @Mentions and Reviews
8% Sellers
3% Commercial MKT (1% Digital MKTG / 1% Influencers Sellers B2B / 1% Product and Services Brands Ambassadors B2B)
1% Philanthropy
1% Crowdfunding

3. FreedomeE Transcend Package

In creating the human-to-human economy, we created the FreedomeE stock exchange to enhance its buying, selling, referral, and philanthropic actions. To boost your sales, we have created digital marketing promotional packages through the training and education of an extra commercial team, where you will have the return of quotas on the annual FreedomeE billing (crowdfunding commission) to minimize the cost of the sell-out.

For every 500 euros invested in extra digital marketing and promotional packages individually to increase your sales, you will have a package of 10 shares in the crowdfunding commission.

How the commission works while you form your group of consumers, promoters, and intelligent producers?

1. Once you create your profile on our platform with personal values, professional and social vision of our 5 FreedomeE pillars, you will have access to the back office of your network and store, you will be able to manage your sales and contacts directly;

2. You will receive a referral link and coupons to share with friends and family, to publicize and mention the positive aspects of your products and services and those that are part of your business and consumer lifestyle, free of charge;

3. You will be able to use his or our payment methods and logistical partners with the best cost-benefit or bring your trusted partners to our international good community in favor of the new human-to-human economy.

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