Descending from a long line of artisans, Mulieri aims to perpetuate the unique art of leather craftsmanship. Based in El Salvador, the brand goes back to its roots to set the foundation for a brighter future for its community, where the know-how passed on through generations can ensure a means of employment for local artisans, old and young.

Passionate about the beauty and unique traits of natural leather, Mulieri believes in creating timeless accessories and footwear that will outstand the test of time, thanks to the outstanding design and durability of their raw material. Each design is thought-out to prioritize efficiency, so almost no waste is produced when it comes to the hides. Additionally, Mulieri promotes a safe and ethical working environment, ensuring fair wages and equal opportunities for all its employees.

Wanting to give back to its community, the brand also works with local youth detention centers, promoting a second opportunity to youngsters through a re-integration program. Marking their new beginning as included and spiritually fulfilled individuals, Mulieri gifts them a pair of white shoes. 

Support this outstanding project by purchasing their exclusive creations here.

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