About Freedomee

FreedomeE is a new business model driven by a unique marketing and sales system which is supported by an ethical marketplace for responsible companies in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. We are creating a new economic ecosystem of manufacturers, brands, suppliers, opinion makers, industry professionals and consumers, that work together to promote sustainable growth for themselves, the planet and society at large. An ecosystem from Human 2 Humans, driven by responsible production, promotion and consumption.

We believe in creating positive impacts while producing, communicating, promoting and consuming any products or services, that are made with passion, transparency, authenticity and respect for the human being and the environment. We measure this according to our 5 Pillars of Positive Impact.

We believe in the power of great examples: #made4better. That by doing our part and supporting others who are doing theirs, we can create a new digital ecosystem that promotes a conscious and profitable economy for all those involved.

The 5 Pillars

How do we evaluate positive impacts? How can we make sure that our partner brands, suppliers or manufacturers are indeed causing them?

Promoting solely positive impacts is not possible when introducing new products into the market, and with the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry moving hundreds of billion of dollars every year and generating millions of jobs worldwide, it will not stop. However, we can do it the right way.

At FreedomeE, we evaluate positive impacts according to 5 Pillars of Circular Economy: Social, Economy, Environment, Technology and Quality/Certification. No one can be truly responsible in all fronts and that is why we have created this proprietary methodology to gauge positive impacts on each of these fundamental pillars.

All our partners are carefully selected and go through a strict selection process to confirm that they provide positive contributes to at least one of these areas. They also must reply an extensive questionnaire to evaluate their processes and approaches on each of the 5 pillars, which are presented below:

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