Every year the retail industry creates more and more “special dates” to promote mass consumption. Announcing unbeatable discounts and unique deals for limited periods of time, forces a feeling of urgency on consumers who feel pressured to purchase. However, “Black Fridays” are the result of irresponsible production and excess stocks, which brands and retailers must quickly clear due to storage costs and restrictions. They are also a byproduct of a society increasingly marked by consumerism, which fuels fast fashion and continuous purchases.

To make a difference we must change our mindset as consumers. We must invest in quality garments, with timeless design and added durability, thus reducing consumption and waste and breaking this never ending cycle. We must choose ethical brands with responsible production and sales processes, such as made-to-order, which drastically minimizes excess stock and materials. If brands produce responsibly and charge a fair price, there is no margin for outrageous price drops – you will be paying the right amount every day of the year.

Shop responsibly, Make a Difference! Join the FreedomeE Community and support ethical and sustainable brands!

Make Friday Green Again!

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