Fast fashion has been rightfully identified as one of the main contributors to the current state of the fashion industry, namely in what regards its massive impact on societies and the environment. The irresponsible production of poor quality garments with an extremely short life cycle dictated by ephemerous trends, is utterly non-sustainable in the long run. 

Aware of this issue, conscious manufacturers, brands and consumers, have create an opposing movement aptly named Slow Fashion. Aiming for a more sustainable fashion industry, slow fashion is based on the principles of producing fewer, higher quality items with increased durability, while choosing the more responsible raw materials and ensuring fair conditions for all those involved in the process.

This approach allows brands who embrace it to take the time to create high-quality products that transpire passion and craftsmanship, while reducing waste and providing nature with enough time to regenerate its resources. On this note, New Dress Code has put together a very detailed Infographic detailing the differences between the two models, which we share below:

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