This week we celebrated yet another outstanding milestone in our journey to raise awareness and change production and consumption within the current business model of the Fashion Industry. In an unprecedented joint effort, we launched the “25 Weeks of Transparency and Positive Impact Production and Consumption Campaign”!

In order to raise awareness for the urgent need to disrupt the current business model established by the Fashion Industry and promote more responsible production and consumption, we reached out to all the manufacturers, designers, brands and professionals who are a part of FreedomeE. Over the course of the next 25 Weeks, we will share short videos of all those who embraced our cause, presenting their projects, philosophy and products and clearly showcasing how they align with our 5 Pillars of Sustainability.

By following us on social media, you’ll be given privileged access into the world of sustainable fashion designers as they guide you through the design and production processes needed to create a sustainable fashion item. We hope that by learning more about these outstanding brands and designers, you will understand that quality fashion can in fact be achieved without compromising the planet and all those involved in the industry. 

Join our community now and help support these outstanding creatives by purchasing responsibly produced items from our marketplace. Are you in?

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