Damage to the environment, wealth disparity, human rights & dignity, and waste are but some of the issues we face in the modern fashion industry.

Using new technologies, FreedomeE is a solution   that will dramatically impact production and consumption in a positive way.

From 2020, under the FreedomeE umbrella, designers, brands, factories and professionals will be able to deliver the same quality products with significant transparency and an ethically driven production   process.

Brands, factories and professionals will sell better quality products and services with better financial results for all the parties involved , including the consumer. And we’ll also benefit the planet!

Be part of our solution!

What would YOU DO if you

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We AreFreedomeE

We are developing a global community of fashion companies committed to delivering ethically sourced, quality products guided by a proprietary 5 pillar metric for ethics and sustainability.

Using the proprietary FreedomeE technology and with the FreedomeE official stamp of approval, brands are able to seamlessly and effortlessly create a unique supply network for their products safe in the knowledge that their products are, on aggregate, the most ethically made possible.

We measure sustainability using 5 differentiating pillars: Social, Quality, Environmental, Technological and Economical.

Additionally, FreedomeE provides new channels for sales and marketing through public relations, a network of vetted ethical style influencers, VIP and affiliate programs.

Francesca Giobbi

The choices you make when purchasing fashion are extremely important to changing the industry for the better. We believe in leading and forging a path to sustainable fashion. This is our contribution to a healthy planet. Join us.

Francesca Giobbi, Founder

What is theMarketplace

FreedomeE is a technology platform and marketplace that aims to unite and improve creation, development, production, marketing and sales processes to deliver a better fashion product to the final consumer. Using new technology it offers a comprehensive ethical supply chain solution, flipping the switch to a more positive impact on the environment and ethical production.

Designers, producers, tailors, artisans, retailers, influencers marketers, models, creatives, etc. can work together, across the network

Consumers can find the best quality products with the best social and environmental impact

Blockchain technology will give transparency so the entire supply network can be operated efficiently, with less negative impact

The world's first modern and adaptable online marketplace for 'end to end' responsible fashion production and consumption.

Be part of the solution.

Your brand, factory and or service will sell in a better way, where everyone benefits, including the consumer and the planet.

Launch Campaign

  • August - December
  • FreedomeE community onboarding process (brands, factories, and professionals)
  • Freedomee Educational Tour
  • November 2019 - April 2020
  • Sample Production
  • Sales Campaign
  • Pre-order online sales
  • Development of Registration process for productive transparency
  • Kickoff Marketing Campaign
  • April 2020
  • Delivery of pre-ordered products
  • Full Launch of FreedomeE ethical online Marketplace
  • Implementation of affiliates and rewards programs
  • Start of partnerships with stores internationally

Get Involved

3 easy steps


Contact us. We will connect you with a representative that can answer any questions you might have and start you on the path to a better future.


Join us on the Launch Campaign. Submit your application. FreedomeE will select 150 companies worldwide. Complete your application.


Develop your communication plan. FreedomeE sales and marketing professionals will assist you in maximizing your B2B2C sales by capitalizing on your positive social environmental impact engagement.

Brand Advantages

Being part of this community is being part of something really important, something that makes a difference to the world, you, your children and your grandchildren are part of. Here are some of the opportunities and advantages of joining this community:

  • Brands and factories are able to create a uniquely ethical supply chain for their products
  • New online sales, partnerships with retailers and marketing opportunities through our network
  • Our assistance with the most ethical production of your brand's product without changing the concept of your product.
  • We promote the product through our extensive influencer network and public relations services
  • Worldwide access to factories all recognized for ethical treatment of employees and green methods.
  • Artisans and precision production masters
  • Quality Control experts
  • Ethical influencers
  • International fashion experts in marketing, production and management.
  • … and the network is growing daily

How it Works

You Design your product or collection as normal
We design the optimal Supply Network
We assist the production of your product in the most ethical way possible
You save Money, Time and Resources
We quality check and approve your product for market
We promote your product through our Influencer Network and PR machine
Your product sells through our marketplace and we deliver it
You become one of the leading ethical producers and community of companies saving the world and building brand equity in the new belief economy

How we willPromote You

Affiliate Influencer

Our network of ethical style influencers


We can seed your brand to our list of Ethical Celebrities


Our PR Company will promote your product in your segment.


Our site will drive sales through our community of purpose consumers

Our partners will promote your product through their vast retail network stores

Join Now

Be part of something big and together we will rebuild the fashion industry. The best products, the best quality.

Shop responsibly. Change the world.

FreedomeE's platform